Western US Loop: Part 1

A Loop Around the Western US

Our loop around the Western United States

Since we’re both pilots, a week-long flying trip seemed like the perfect idea for our honeymoon. Go ahead and take a look, there’s nothing mushy.

Our non-pilot families voiced a concern with our trip and this journal allowed them to check on us and know that we were safe and having fun. That was a much better option than calling Mom from each stop. This trip journal was really the start of our practice of capturing our flying adventures in this form.

Our first stop was Eureka, CA , and this was the only stop we pre-planned. We knew we wanted to spend about a week flying around and exploring. Our mood and the weather would dictate where we actually went. While staying in Eureka, we took time to explore the nearby Redwood Forests.

The next stop was Monterey, CA on the central California coast. From there we flew to Sedona, AZ where we spent a few days exploring the area before returning home to Boise .

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