Flying and Stuff

Trip Journals

We’ve flown ourselves all over the U.S. and a little bit in Canada and written about them in our Trip Journals. One of our most popular journals is our trip to Oshkosh and Washington, DC.

Here’s a map of some of our bigger flights. The green lines have links to stories about those trips; the orange lines are trips that don’t have stories written.

Flight Videos

I’ve posted many flight videos to my YouTube channel. Here’s a sample of a few of them.

Sunset flight over Santa Cruz
Missing man formation flight for the funeral of a U.S. Army veteran.
Instrument approach to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (KFSD)
My shortest IFR flight ever: KRHV-KSQL

Posts about Flying

See the Flying section for stories and articles I’ve written about flying and owning an airplane.

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