Sunriver, Oregon: Part 1

Geography Lesson

My brother Abraham, who lives in Texas, called on a Sunday morning and asked, “Is Oregon near Idaho?” After I informed him that Idaho borders Oregon he let me know that he was on his way to a conference in Sunriver, Oregon and wondered if Nancy and I could fly out and join him and his family there. They had reserved a two-bedroom condo, so there would be plenty of room for us to stay.

After we recovered from the short notice invitation, the idea started to grow on us. We had both recently commented that our big map of trips we’ve taken is pretty empty in Oregon. Abraham lives in Texas, so we don’t get to see him as often as we’d like to. This would be a great chance to visit with him, Sylvia and our youngest nephew Tristan. Continue reading Sunriver, Oregon: Part 1

Sunriver, Oregon: Part 2

Return Flight

I took Monday and Tuesday off work, but I really wanted to be back by Wednesday morning. In fact, when we left on Sunday we were somewhat committed to staying until at least Tuesday evening since our home airport, Nampa, was closed for construction from 8:00 am on Monday until 5:00 pm on Tuesday. Of course we could have landed at nearby Boise or Caldwell and gotten a ride to Nampa, but that didn’t seem worth the hassle, plus it was good to spend a few days just relaxing with my brother and his family in Sunriver.

The plan was to leave Sunriver around 5:30 pm Pacific time, which would get us home by around 8:00 pm Mountain time. The airport would be open, and we’d still be landing well before sunset. Continue reading Sunriver, Oregon: Part 2