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Calgary and Denver: Part 6

posted Jul 22, 2004

Denver, CO to Boise, ID

Jeffco to Boise

Our actual path is in blue and the original plan is magenta.

The original flight plan had us going north along the eastern edge of the Rockies before making a big left turn towards Boise. After attending the , it was clear that flying through Corona Pass, past Kremmling and then on almost a direct line to Boise would be perfectly fine. It was a slightly shorter route (only 40 NM less, about 15 flying minutes) and would give me a chance to show Nancy some of the route that Bart and I flew when we did the flying portion of the Mountain Flying Course.

As usual, we got an early morning start. The weather check gave a spectacular forecast. High pressure was at the surface and aloft, and there was no significant weather along our route. To fly the more direct course, we filed a VFR flight plan instead of IFR.

We cruised home in smooth air, saw our course line would take us right over the three corners formed by the borders of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. As we neared the three corners, I made a few little adjustments to have us fly right over the right spot. It was a fun distraction on a uneventful flight home.

Before we knew it, we were talking to Boise Approach and had our home airport of Nampa in sight. We got the plane put away and gave it a “thank you” pat on the wing for taking us another great flying adventure.

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