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An Introduction to Textpattern

posted Feb 14, 2006

Destry Wion has a series of articles introducing key concepts of Textpattern.

The first in the series is Understanding Textpattern Building Blocks which is quite well-written. I highly recommend it to anyone just using Textpattern. Although aimed at a newcomer to Textpattern, I think even experienced Textpattern users may learn a thing or two.

The second article in the series is Textpattern Building Block Mechanics. It’s a great follow-up to the first article and gives good explanation about the key components of Textpattern such as Articles, Pages, Sections, Categories, and Forms. This isn’t so much a how-to guide as it is a thorough explanation of important concepts Textpattern users need to understand.

I certainly wish these articles were available before I ported this site to Textpattern. I had to learn many of the things Destry explained by searching the Textpattern Forum, reading through the TextBook documentation site as well as through some trial and error.

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