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As a kid, I enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked (and sometimes I’d even put them back together). That natural curiosity led me into software development where I actually get paid to take things apart and put them back together. Working in with computers funds my flying habit, and this section of the site is about technical things I find interesting.

Alternative Feed URL

posted in Technology · Sep 13, 2007 · Comments: 1

For some reason, Google Reader doesn’t seem to pick up the RSS feed when you point it to http://pfactor.com/rss. It does work if you point it to http://feeds.feedburner.com/pfactor. I’ll try to figure out why this is, but in the mean time if you’re having problems with the RSS feed you can try using http://feeds.feedburner.com/pfactor and see if that works for you.

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Switching to the Mac

posted in Technology · Sep 08, 2007

Scene from Mac vs. PC commercial

I don’t know what really made me do it. It was probably a combination of curiosity, those hilarious Mac vs. PC commercials on TV, and the fact that it was time to upgrade my home computer. I know several people, who (just like me) were long-time Windows users, and have switched to the Mac and simply love it. They said things like, “Things just work,” and “Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.” Although these are people whose opinions I trust, I was still somewhat skeptical as I clicked the “add to cart” button on Apple’s online store.

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RSS Feeds are Live

posted in Technology · Sep 01, 2006

You’ll find a few little feed icons scattered about the site now. If you’re hip to what RSS and Atom are all about, you don’t need any further explanation. Please let me know if you have any problems with the feeds.
If you don’t want to deal with this new fangled feed stuff, you can get an email when the site is updated. Just enter your email address in the top right corner on the home page.

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New home for pfactor.com

posted in Technology · Aug 27, 2006 · Comments: 2

DreamHost logo

After several years at my old hosting company, WebIntellects, I have decided to switch to DreamHost. They’ve got a good reputation, great prices and packages, and support for everything I need today for this web site. They also support several things I’m interested in doing in the future, such as Ruby on Rails.

Visitors to pfactor.com should not see any difference, other than improved performance. If you notice something different about the site that you think I should be aware of, please drop me a note.

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iPod Battery Replacement

posted in Technology · May 01, 2006

iPod showing full battery charge

Happiness is a full battery meter.

My 30GB iPod is now about 2 and a half years old, and it still works great except for one thing: the battery. When new, the battery would last about 8 hours (which was about what Apple advertised for the third-generation iPod). However for the past few months the battery life has been dwindling down. This is a big deal for me, since I listen to my iPod during work, and the battery life was down to about 6 hours. I’d either need to start working part-time, or do something about my iPod’s battery.

I found out about Sonnet’s iPod Replacement Battery kit which was only $30 and the kit let me replace the battery myself. This was much better than spending $66 with Apple which would involve me shipping my iPod back to Apple. Plus I’d get a chance to see what’s inside the sleek little iPod.

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