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The Big Game

posted Feb 02, 2006

Would you think about competing in an important sports event without doing some practicing beforehand? Would you give an important speech without rehearsing it a few times? Of course not. Just like any skill, piloting an aircraft is something you’ve got to practice on a regular basis. If your piloting skills are a little rusty, the consequences can be much worse than a losing a game or stumbling on your words during a speech.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut of just flying a few laps around the pattern to burn off an hour on the meter. Challenge yourself to practice some things you haven’t done for a while such as steep turns, ground reference maneuvers, slow flight, stalls, or performance takeoffs and landings. If it’s really been a while since you’ve practiced those things, call a flight instructor up for a tune up. You may want to use the opportunity to participate in the FAA Wings Program, which was designed in part to encourge pilots to challenge themselves.

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